Player Agent Role

The Player-Agent is an important role withing West Windsor Little League.  The Player-Agent has many responsibilities as described below, but most important this individual is available to parents to mediate any conflicts that may arise.  Parents should always try to resolve issues with the team manager first, but if concerns still exist please contact the Player-Agent.

The Player-Agent shall participate in the tryout process, workouts and player selection, not limited to the Draft process. The Player-Agent shall participate in the decision to transfer players to leagues within the Little League if such transfer is based on player talent and will incorporate the evaluations of the players in this determination. The Player-Agent shall oversee the evaluation process of the coaches and managers, collect responses and analyze the data. The Player-Agent shall determine if volunteers for the positions of Managers, Coaches and Assistant Coaches are appropriate before there is confirmation of same. The Player-Agent shall mediate disputes and resolve conflicts between the players and/or managers, coaches or the Board of Directors. The Player-Agent shall adhere to all rules and provisions of the regulations of the Little League.

The Player-Agent shall be a position on the Board of Directors. 
You can contact the player agent at [email protected].

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