This section describes the variety of baseball programs we offer at West Windsor Little League. The league wants you and your children to get the most out of our programs and to enjoy the sport.  If you have any questions about the baseball programs, please contact the VP-Baseball.  Thank you!

WWLL Baseball Divisions

Rookie Ball - Age 6 and 7


This is the next progression in Baseball from Tee Ball. Players will participate in official games. No scores or standings are recorded. It is a fun instructional league with emphasis on continued skill development. Batters will hit against coaches’ pitching and may progress to limited player pitch during the season. Players will learn to hit a moving ball, assist in a putout at a base and play with most of the basic Little League Baseball rules. For the safety of your child it is recommended that they have at least 1 year of experience in Tee Ball. (NOTE: a Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) ball, i.e., a softer baseball is used for Rookie Ball).  Saturday morning games only and one weeknight practice per week will be scheduled. All 7 year-olds must register for Rookie Ball, however the most skilled will have the opportunity to tryout for AAA, space permitting.

AAA Ball - Age 8

AAA baseball is the bridge between non-competitive coach-pitch ball and full-rules competitive ball (Minors/Majors). This is the first level where kids pitch all innings. Balls and strikes are called by youth umpires, scores are kept, and the season ends with playoffs and the crowning of a championship team. All players bat in the batting order, and all players are required to play a minimum of 4 innings on defense. Maximum innings restrictions for pitchers ensures that many different boys on each team will get the opportunity to pitch. All 8 year-olds must register for AAA, however the most skilled will have the opportunity to tryout for Minors, space permitting. AAA teams play two games per week, on Saturday mornings/afternoons and one game during the week, and typically also have one practice per week.

Minor League

Games are played according to the official Little League Baseball rules (modified slightly).  Teams will play two games a week (Saturday afternoon/evening and one weeknight), and will typically also have one weeknight practice per week.  All players play the field for at least 4 innings and all players bat in the lineup. Some restrictions exist on maximum pitching innings, maximum innings at the same defensive position, and minimum amount of defensive innings played.   This ensures that players get exposure to a number of positions in both the infield and outfield and that teams use many different pitchers.  All 8-year-old, 9-year-old and 10-year-old players must register for Minors.  Some 11 year-old players may be assigned to Minors after the Majors workout.  The most skilled 10 year-olds will have the opportunity to tryout for Majors, space permitting.

Major League

This is the league for returning Major League Players as well as the most skilled 10 and 11 year-old players.  All new players wishing to play in this league must tryout.  Players that are 12 years olds are automatically placed on a Majors team unless parents of a given child and the League agree that Minors is more appropriate.  All players must attend a tryout/workout.  A 10 or 11 year-old player who tries out, but is not drafted, will automatically be placed on a Minor League team.  This league is the most competitive level available.  There is a three-inning minimum defensive play rule in this league.  All players are in the batting order at all times, whether or not playing defense when it is their turn at bat.

Teams play two or three games per week (Friday Night Lights and weeknights), plus one weeknight practice. Teams are formed in late January and will practice (indoors and outdoors) 1 - 2 times per week until the season starts.

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